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Own or planning to own real estate in Thailand? See our article in the current B&M

Thailand’s current military government has been quite assertive in its enforcement of real estate ownership and use laws. If you own, or are planning to own, real estate in Thailand our article in the current issue of Thailand’s luxury lifestyle magazine: Bikinis & Martinis, covers some essentials you should be aware of.


DK hosts the 2016 ALLY Law Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting


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We were honored to host our international law firm, ALLY Law, for its 2017 Asia-Pacific meeting 20-22 October 2017 in Bangkok.

During the meeting Jerrold spoke on what ALLY Law’s “client facing” approach will mean in 2017 and beyond. And Olaf and Jerrold moderated a two speak panel presentation on international arbitration in Asia.

It was both a pleasure and fruitful, as always, catching up again in person with our ALLY Law regional colleagues.

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