DUENSING KIPPEN organizes and moderates Thailand’s leading practitioners’ discussion of the Thai Arbitration Institute’s new arbitration rules

In his capacity as a member of the Legal Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce, Jerrold Kippen recently organized and moderated a presentation and discussion of the current draft of the Thai Arbitration Institute’s new rules for the conduct of arbitration proceedings under its auspices. DUENSING KIPPEN invited Khun Prachya Yuprasert – Director of the Thai Arbitration Institute, to present the draft, and to highlight the proposed changes to the current rules. Questions and comments from the audience were taken and moderated by Jerrold after the presentation. To facilitate the discussions DUENISING KIPPEN provided all in attendance with an English language translation of the draft rules/changes. The event was attended by over 30 of Thailand’s leading domestic and international arbitration practice specialists from 11 firms. Following on Jerrold’s question and Khun Prachya’s welcoming invitation in reply, Jerrold is now leading the preparation of an informal white paper of comments on the draft rules by the practitioners in attendance which will be submitted to the Thai Arbitration Institute for their consideration shortly.


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