Monthly Archives: September 2015

New annual statutory e-filing requirements for all Thai companies-FIRST DEADLINE is 30 SEPTEMBER 2015

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, by way of its Department of Business Development (DBD), recently issued an announcement regarding the submission of annual statutory audit financial statements by Thai limited companies. Starting in 2016, Thai companies will be required to file their 2015 reports electronically. This new system will replace the previous method of submitting documents by hardcopy.

In order to e-file all Thai companies are now required to obtain an official e-filing username and password from the DBD. Any Thai company that does not obtain their user name and password before 30 September 2015 will be required to file BOTH a hardcopy of their 2015 statutory audit by 31 May 2016 AND to file the same electronically no later 30 June 2016.

Thus, in order to comply with this new regimen most efficiently, all Thai limited companies should obtain their e-filing username and password by 30 September 2015. Such companies will then be allowed to e-file only their 2015 statutory audit by 31 May 2016.


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