Real Estate Legal Services

Our Real Estate Legal Services

DUENSING KIPPEN is a boutique law firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions and related tax and dispute resolution matters, while adhering to strict legal profession conduct standards. DUENSING KIPPEN provides "added value" to all corporate and individual clients' transactions by combining local expertise with up to date knowledge of the commercial and legal environment as well as intelligent and innovative as necessary, but always pragmatic legal counsel and services. With a presence in Thailand since the 1990s, our real estate team brings extensive experience in the evolving local real estate laws. We provide comprehensive advice and services for:

Real Estate Acquisition
  • due diligence;
  • acquisition, ownership and development agreements and structure;
  • government and regulatory issues and compliance;
  • infrastructure projects;
  • planning permits and approval; and
  • all related tax matters.

  • building mortgage and development financing;
  • acquisition financing;
  • syndicated loans;
  • secured primarily on real estate or related receivables;
  • trade financing and general banking facilities secured by mortgage over real estate advising and negotiating documentation on borrowing transactions; and
  • all related tax matters.

  • advising on environmental matters;
  • advising on contracting strategy and procurement options;
  • drafting and preparing consultants’ agreements and design contracts, together with associated tender documentation;
  • drafting development agreements;
  • advising on infrastructure planning and building issues;
  • drafting of general conditions of contract, special conditions of contract and associated tender documents for building, systems and E&M contracts;
  • preparing ancillary project documentation; and
  • all related tax matters.

Real Estate Sale and Leasing
  • enbloc or strata title sales of commercial, industrial and residential real estate;
  • leasing of commercial and residential real estate;
  • drafting, negotiating and assisting in the execution of project conveyancing transactions and related documentation;
  • bank mortgages;
  • tenancy agreements, leases and licences for residential, commercial and industrial real estate;
  • surrender of tenancies and all other tenancy and related matters; and
  • all related tax matters.

Corporate / Commercial
  • acquisitions /disposals of assets real estate support in M&A;
  • structured finance and insolvency;
  • management agreements and confidentiality agreements;
  • professional indemnity and construction related insurances;
  • establishment of private equity funds investing in real estate, infrastructure and hotel projects;
  • employment;
  • intellectual property; and
  • all related tax matters.

Dispute Resolution
  • arbitration;
  • litigation;
  • title disputes;
  • breaches of sale and purchase agreements;
    construction disputes;
  • real estate management disputes;
  • tax/stamp duty;
  • breach of agreement; and
  • building management compliance.